The Lady

It’s Quadrille Monday! at d’Verse Poets
Lillian is tending bar today and our word is Harbor

The Lady

They left her standing, alone
Keeping watch over the harbor
A welcoming committee of one
In a green dress and sandals
She harbors ill-will toward none
Who pass her way – the lost, the tired
The searchers, adventurers –
Each looking for safe harbor

5 thoughts on “The Lady

  1. Lady Liberty — I remember seeing her as a child. And then about six years ago (I’m in my 7th decade) my husband and I took a trip to NY City and took the ferry to Ellis Island. It’s been redone and rehabbed you know….and we were in hopes of looking up evidence of his grandfather’s arrival there from Sweden many years ago. Sadly, we’d just gotten in and were watching the introductory movie when there was a bomb threat and we had to leave. We must get back there. Sadder still….in these days with this president, I fear this magnificent Lady’s torch is dimming more and more every day.
    So glad you posted to the prompt!


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