Left Bereft

At B&Ps Shadorma and Beyond, Bastet has introduced us to the Shadorma Summation – write a poem (about a sad moment in this prompt) with a Shadorma as ending

Left Bereft

once you were gone
part of my history
vanished with you
I’m left behind with
no one who knows me
the way a sister does
no one who loved me from
the moment of
my birth
now I must
carry on alone
to comfort
or make me giggle again
like when we were kids

Four Again

If only we were four
I’d give you the last
cherry popsicle
and let you jump in
the pool first
If only we were four
I’d share my hot dog
with you
and even put ketchup
on it because that’s
how you like it
If only we were four
I would hold your hand
and give you big hugs
and cry when you had
to go home
just for today
we could be four

Poetic Bloomings  :An Entertaining Summer #25 – Butterflies