An Unexpected Harvest

d’Verse Poets Pub – Polyptoton

Polyptoton is a rhetorical device used for style and persuasiveness. It is a special kind of repetition where the common base of a word is repeated, but not the whole word exactly.

One example of this is “I dreamed a dream.” Others would be “a song unsung” or “life worth living”.

An Unexpected Harvest

I seeded some seeds found in a bag

An unmarked bag left in a drawer

I seeded the seeds that surely must be

The Lupines from a friend

I seeded those seeds in freshly turned dirt

Rich, humusy dirt from my compost

I seeded brown seeds in a curvy row

Behind the Shasta Daisies

I seeded many seeds then patiently waited

For the spectacle of purple

I seeded unknown seeds expecting flowers

Instead, I got a lovely row of beets

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Fall Party

d’Verse Poets Pub – Quadrille #90 – We’re all a-quiver.

De has us quivering in just 44 words.

The leaves have shed their summer greens

to flaunt the bold yellow, orange, and red

kept hidden, in modesty, throughout summer.

They quiver joyfully on branches, salsa dancing

with the wind in wild abandon.

Until, reluctantly,, they release their grip –

free falling to earth.

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The Art of Toast

Poetic Bloomings –


The Art of Toast

Freshly sliced, an empty canvas.

Slightly toasted, splotches of light

brown shade the surface.

A wash of creamy, yellow butter prepares

this canvas of bread and I use my knife to

spread a deep berry-blue jam in swirls, from edge

to edge, in a starry night design.

The Ancient One


The Ancient One

It is a grumpy old tree

covered in bumpy burls

rooted to the same spot

for decades unable to do

anything but watch and wait.

Birds perch in its branches,

squirrels race up and down its trunk.

Woodpeckers have begun searching

under its bark for insects and lichens

slowly creep over its bark. If it could,

it would grumble, in a deep voice,

to be left alone. Only the song of

a gentle breeze can sooth its soul.

So Long Dorothy

Poetic Bloomings


So Long, Dorothy

She came, unbidden, pleading

for things I could not give her.

This unwelcome one upset

the balance of our green city

leaving destruction and uprising

in her wake. Filled with hubris,

the small girl ruined my good name –

then just as quickly disappeared,

never looking back at the consequences

of her actions on those she abandoned.

Good and evil continue to do battle.

Munchkins keep searching for equality.

Lions and Tinmen and Scarecrows forget

their strengths lie within.