A Collaboration for Christmas


Hi Toads, Season’s Greetings.

Your challenge, on this eve of Christmas, is a collaboration. I have set the pace, be it chapter or verse, you continue in the style and number of words you wish ( yes!!! number of words you wish)

If you are adding from my piece, your post must start with my piece and continue into your piece.

And my generous spirit for the season, adds another bonus option.
You can continue from the piece i have given OR you may read someone else’s which consist of [what i gave plus their add on] and, then you add to that.

Please remember, to credit persons, for any part thereof, their work, appearing in your post
Yes toads we are Collaborating for Christmas; Fashion me your words and while you’re at it, have lots of fun.


whether you observe or not, Be Blessed for Christmas, have a wonderful one.


It was the day before Christmas, he was hungry, mighty hungry,
He stalked the pantry, the cupboards were empty,
He didn’t want to sleep, he was too hungry for that
Guess what, no, not guest what? Guess what???

The last festival he had eaten was, Halloween
No, not the last time he had eaten, the last festival!!!

For he was, The Eater Of Great Joy
But that, could never satisfy him.
Shudder, shudder!!!

He had heard about Santa.
He had heard about A Star.”


… He had heard about
the great Joy and
Started to salivate
Thinking about the feast
He would have
Greed infesting his heart
And so he waited
…… and waited
……. and waited
Until his eyes drooped
And he began to snore
The star shone through the
Open window –
Santa climbed in and
Gently kissed his cheek
A cool breeze roused him
From a happy dream and he smiled

Untitled Placebo

Untitled (Placebo)

Felix Gonzalez-Torres
Will I ever recover
Discover how to get over
your absence
Prevents me from moving
Or staying I’m
Straying into moonbeams
Looking for a shadow
Indigo image
To take your place

Kerry has introduced us to the art of Felix Gonzalez-Torres for our inspiration in the Garden today