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Pie In The Sky

Poetics ~ Recipe Poems
Mish has us cooking up some poetry over at d’Verse Poets Pub

Pie In The Sky

Something’s stirring
Perking, brewing
I feel it simmering
Threatening to boil over
A half-baked plan
With no recipe
And I’ll serve it up
Garnish it with
Multi-colored sprinkles
Put it on your plate
Watch you slurp
All the love I can dish up

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The Phrenologist

Quadrille # 22 – scar

The Phrenologist

The charlatan claimed to
Be able to read the bumps
And dents on my scull
He massaged, prodded
Poked, stroked
Then told me I was kind,
A little sensitive
What would he tell me
If he could read the scars
On my heart

De has us scar(ffing) up words to fill a Quadrille over at d’Verse Poets Pub

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Collaboration for Peace – 43


Photo by Mish


Free Fall

we’re free falling
flying without wings
hands clasped
at the cord that binds
us to the past
leaving behind the strife
the worries
the discord
and drifting into the
open arms of peace


Mish and I are taking a short break. We’ll be back with more photos and poetry in January. Our goal is to reach 52 posts – a whole year of collaboration!