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Winter’s Grip

D’Verse Poets Pub – Quadrille #24 -whisper
De of WhimsyGizmo has challenged us to ‘whisper’ out a Quadrille this week

Winter’s Grip
it came in wisp(er)-like
sat in the corner
leaned back, crossed
it’s legs, as if to stay awhile
I covered it with a knitted
afghan but it crept out
from under, crawled
along the floor
gripped my ankles
until Spring knocked on
the door

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Collaboration for Peace – 44

Mish and I are back after our holiday hiatus with another collaboration.

This week Mish provided the photo that inspired my words. Hope it inspires you also.


Photo by Mish


Reach Up, Reach Out

I reach up
Spread my arms
To embrace the sky

The sky that looks
Down on every person –
Like and unlike me

Every person receives
Equal share of the day
And the night

The sun and stars
The moon lights the
Corners of darkness

Regardless of color or shape
Weeping or joy
We’re all the same

I reach out
To embrace the world
That the sky looks
Down upon in peace

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The Supplicant

In the Imaginary Garden it’s –
Fireblossom Friday : escape to the past
Of the pictures we could choose from for inspiration, this is the one that spoke to me


They taught me to bow my head
To repeat a penitent’s prayer
Lower my eyes
And quiet my voice
Say no thank you
Yes please
Be seen
Not heard
But no one thought
To teach me
How to live