Missing Your Shadow

d”Verse Poets Quadrille # 17
De at whimsygizmo is asking us to write about shadows today

Missing Your Shadow
I walked around the lake
the way we used to do
and bought pellets to
feed the ducks
the way we used to do
I looked for you when I
heard the hawks over head
circling in the warm updrafts
I smiled at dogs and children
running past our favorite bench
but the joy was gone
As the sun cast long fingers
of orange across the water
I longed to see your shadow
fall across my path once more

night sky

Carpe Diem Special #220 Orion, a haibun by Dolores Fegan

When you live in cloudy Western Pennsylvania you think you’ve seen a sky full of stars, but you haven’t. It was on a trip to the high desert of Arizona that I saw the true wonder of a clear night with no pollution from shopping malls and street lights. A magnificent show that covered the sky from edge to edge.


blanket of clouds
removed from the night sky
thousand points of light