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Artistic Interpretations with Margaret

Margaret has shared some art exhibited at the NC County Fair in Asheville for our inspiration in the Garden




I wait
for the footfall
that doesnt come
the gentle touch
that used to
calm my fears
I wait for the soft
tones of a voice filled
with love that is
now lost
I wait
and yet
I hope
so I’ll wait on

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Night Noises

d’Verse Poets Pub – Quadrille #43 – creak
Night Noises

what is that creaking,
keeping me from sleeping
I’ll not be peeping
from beneath my quilt
it might be creepy spirits
streaking through the air
or some sneaky vampire
seeking out my cheek
a havoc wreaking freak
– mustn’t shriek
mustn’t squeak –


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Red Dress

END OF THE LINE – Garden Gnomes  are turning things upside down. We are to start a new poem using the ending line from a poem written by someone else. Nice challenge, this.

A Poem Starting With An Ending Line From Henry Carlile

only a woman in a red dress
and tearful eyes
standing in a room full of
black-clad mourners
can teach us how to grieve boldly
yet still hold on the tenuous thread
that binds us to this world

using the last line from “The Cardinal” by Henry Carlile

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The Hopes and Dreams of a New Fridge

d’Verse Poets Pub – Chilling Out with Lillian


The Hopes and Dreams of a New Fridge

I’ve heard the horror stories from
the abandoned ones in the back room
they sport dents and bruises and
sticky spots that accumulated
after years of children’s art work
and rough housing – and their insides
stained and yellowed with age

I told them of my dream – of my
gleaming stainless-steel shell, clean and
pristine with no fingerprints or
vacation magnets to mar the shine
and inside, nothing but the freshest
organic produce, milk, and eggs
healthy juices and smoothies

and then the most beat up neglected
refrigerator spoke up with a wheezy
voice to tell me all the dents and stains
and sticky spots were badges showing
he was part of a family and he was loved

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A Shell of Hope

d’Verse Poets Pub – Quadrille #42 – hope
De has filled the pub with hope

A Shell of Hope


we coat our hearts with
a fragile shell of hope

trying to protect it from
the chips and cracks

that will inevitably occur
we seal those chips and cracks

with patches of tolerance,
knowledge and love

making our hope shine
brightly amid the darkness