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We Two

Mag 310


painting by David Ligare


we two gathered and
communed with white
bread and grape juice
sharing secrets of our
lives, our fervent hopes,
our irrational fears
giving voice to weaknesses
and acknowledgement
to strengths
we hummed the anthems
of our ancestors and looked
to the rising sun
until through the private
of this meager fair
we found peace

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Holey Socks

Real Toads  – Play It Again, Toads
Mary’s Mixed Bag : Poetry of the Ordinary


they were my favorite pair
fuzzy socks with alternating
green, blue, and teal stripes
and now they have betrayed me

with holes in the heels
just tiny holes for now
but holes are not static
when no one is looking

they grow, slowly, steadily
from dime, to nickel,
to quarter size until
your favorite socks turn

on you – rubbing throbbing
blisters on the bottom
of your feet and you
have no choice but to

turn those favorite socks
into a puppet couple with
red yarn hair and silly grins