FASHION ME YOUR WORDS TO ~ stretch the imagination
Pondering natural disasters today


Mother Moon placed her
howling baby into the calm water
a bath to sooth the child’s tantrum
but baby splashed and kicked in rage
the water rose up, frothy
and toy cities filled with people
were tossed and buffeted about
small cars floated like boats
roads became rivers
until the child wore itself out
fell asleep amid the ruins

Just Us

Who doesn’t love Garden Gnomes
Just Us

It started like a bonfire
burning wildly in the night
threatening to become
uncontrollable, dangerous
a conflagration
consuming us both
but we held tight – wouldn’t
let go until the flame became
our friend, warming us
comforting us, drawing us close
and now that flame burns steadily
a constant glow
lighting the dark places
a beacon to guide us home
a fire that will not die
as long two hearts beat


d’Verse Poets Pub – Poetics: Border

Grace has us contemplating borders in the Pub


I built a little border
around my herb garden
moss covered bricks
reclaimed from a long
forgotten sidewalk
In my garden I planted
dill, chamomile, thyme
and oregano in straight lines
I made a chart so everyone
would see what an orderly
gardener I was, and think
highly of me
I was proud
The dill and chamomile spread
willy-nilly throughout the
flopping oregano that
threatened to smother
the humble thyme
each plant deciding for
itself where it would grow
I removed the little border
of bricks and set my garden free
I was happy

Solar Dilemma

solar dilemma

I’m tempted to sneak a peek
just because they said – don’t
a chance glance surely won’t
strike me down, leave me weak

I’m tempted to stop and stare
as if I don’t care about the hype
of a solar type
just a quick look up, on a dare

moon and sun deserve some time
to wave a greeting as they pass by
without us gawking or being spies
on this private meeting in Northern clime

I’ll stay in the dark with my little box
watch as the shadow crosses by
resist the desire to look up to the sky
till the moon floats away – sunlight unblocks