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I had no pole
to dance around
no pretty ribbons
streaming freely
as a spring zephyr
lifted them skyward
there was no fete or
crowds of celebrants
in party clothes
instead I skipped around
the ancient apple tree
with blossoms raining down

We’re celebrating around the Maypole in the Garden

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haphazard words


I’m just gonna
plop some words
on a page and hope

that they will arrange
themselves into a poem
or a novel or at least
some sage advice

that they might dance
romance, entrance
and unsuspecting reader

that they survive,
arrive in time to patch
a broken heart,or two

produce, seduce, let
loose a laugh or even
a guffaw, a cackle
or a silly snort

I’ll set them free
no guarantee or
warranty attached

Poetic Asides PAD 29 – “haphazard”

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I Really Wanna Know

shorter than average
a compassionate soul –
tears at the ready
a bit stubborn (according to some)
restless in a creative way
flexible (thanks to yoga) –
yes, I can go with the flow
a quiet force for change
down to earth especially
under un-manicured nails
artist disguised as a peasant

Today at Real Toads, Kelli wants to know – Who are you? – in 50 words

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Im(portent) Moon


I planted peas by your
lambent (nightl)light
and started tomatoes
according to your (de)signs
I mowed and sowed
and flowed with the charts
you waxed poetic in
blossoms – white as light
I danced in your fullness
until waning, not complaining
we rested at the dawn
and yet this gonzo gardening
asks no pardoning from the sun


Poetic Asides PAD 28 – “Important (blank)”