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Carpe Diem #1082 Raindrops (Chopin)


December rain
drops on a window
winter music

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I Want To Know

I Want To Know

How the moon learned
to shine
Why planets don’t
get dizzy – spinning
What the stars do
during the day
Where clouds find
rain and snow
Who whispers to
the wind
When you knew

Poetic Asides Nov PAD – I Want ……

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Collaboration for Peace – 42


photo by Mish



we build walls trying
to define our space
outline the boundaries of

what belongs to us
construct tangled barriers to
keep others at a distance

so no one will know us too well
we assume a prickly air
attempting to protect our hearts

alone inside our armor of safety
we long for the touch of another
the understanding of a neighbor

the love of a friend
yet we are afraid to reach out
take a risk

seek peace