Collaboration for Peace – 41


Photo by Mish


Let Peace Flow

When you see sorrow
of another
Let joy flow from
Your soul
To cover the dark in light

When you hear hatred
toward a neighbor
Let love flow from
Your heart
To cover the hard in softness

When you feel the anguish
of humanity
Let peace flow from
Your mind
To cover the shattered in healing

Things I Love

Things I Love

There is no logic to the things I love
The creamy froth on my chai latte
Morning dew on a spider’s web
The clean, calming scent of lavender
In my garden as I pass by
The giddy anticipation I feel when
Packing my suitcase for a trip
The glow of a promise made
When I look at the gold band on my finger

Nov PAD Day 18 at Poetic Asides


B&Ps Shadorma and Beyond – Nov 12, 016
Leonard Cohen is our inspiration for this week – especially his song Hallelujah

And over in the Imaginary Garden With Real Toads we are writing about those Still Points in our lives.


They stole my
words And spun them round
they didn’t
sound The same
Or even tell the story
That I meant to tell

They set them
To a melody
that Charmed the crowds And
fooled some fools
Until I
Wrenched them back again and sang
The song of my heart

cgk ’16