B&Ps Shadorma and Beyond – Nov 12, 016
Leonard Cohen is our inspiration for this week – especially his song Hallelujah

And over in the Imaginary Garden With Real Toads we are writing about those Still Points in our lives.


They stole my
words And spun them round
they didn’t
sound The same
Or even tell the story
That I meant to tell

They set them
To a melody
that Charmed the crowds And
fooled some fools
Until I
Wrenched them back again and sang
The song of my heart

cgk ’16

10 thoughts on “Heartsong

  1. As only he can… yes so many of his songs are reinterpreted by new artists – but still such a tribute to a great man. I went to a concert once that promoted it as a “homage to Judy Garland” of sorts – but all the songs were so radically different from what I was familiar with – I was so disappointed. One needs to be careful I think…

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  2. Wasn’t Cohen treated out of rights to some songs — “Suzanne” in particular? The sense of off-kilter ballad reflects in the jumbled stanzas, with lead words lost in the middle. It doesn’t become “Heartsong” until it returns home, where the order is good and fit is right. Hallelujah.


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