Collaboration for Peace – 6

It’s Sunday (actually it’s Saturday but I’m traveling all day Sunday and won’t be able to post) which means another Collaboration For Peace! Mishand I are happy to share our creations and hope that they can inspire you in some small way.


(photo by Mish)

Peace Comes

peace comes not from inky
words on paper
or notes sung by choirs of angels
it comes instead when two souls
reach across the gap of
their differences
to find commonality

© candace kubinec


long black arms
keeping rhythm

squeak, flop
squeak, flop

trying vainly to
wipe away the
falling raindrops
on our windshield

as we count the miles to home


IMAGE-ine: d’Verse – Meeting The Bar

Victoria has challenged us to write a poem in the style of imagism

Word Weary

this poem is a little
strained and
across the page
it’s been reworked
rolled up
ironed out
let out – taken in
stitched to
crinkled in my pocket
erased and re-
in crayon
this poem is


the Wednesday prompt at Poetic Asides today is – stained

Eloquent Liar

she had a gift
that something special
all who heard her
speak believed
and seemed un-
able to think for
she was smooth like
polished copper
her smile was
genuine, her touch
warm and welcoming
oh, yes –
you were sure you
were her best friend
her confidante
she was the person-
ification of
I would have
fallen for her lies
too – if she were not

Just Jot It January 27th – mendaciloquent (quite a challenge!)

Just Dirt

the dirt is not just
it is alive, striving,

to stay neutral
it is the magic
elixir, fixer

of plant life
and so ours too
it is dark,

dank, a bank
of crumbly gold
we make withdrawals

without checking
the balance
it is clay

and sandy
we walk all over it

just taking it
for granted


I am one
with the moon
and stars
the cosmic dust
of planets

I am one
with the sun
and clouds
the flow of rivers
the ebb of tides

I am one
with the music
of nature
the dance
of seasons

I am one
with the beat
of your heart
the pulse
of your being


Just Jot It January 26th – oneness