peony bush


pink peony bush
nectar, sticky and sweet
buds covered with ants


quote haiku

This week Chevrefeuille challenged us to write a haiku based on this quote from Confucius

“it does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop”

caterpillar crawls
slowly from leaf tip to stem
munching on milkweed



credit: National Geographic
                                                                          credit: National Geographic

fuzzy little geese
led by black and white mother
floating on river


Haiku Horizons “lead”



with my camera I capture you
reveal hidden details

fine veins on tender wings
yellow pollen on body and legs

monarch will you fly high
to live or stay and fade away




We quibbled over vanilla or chocolate
Frozen custard or hand churned
Strolled on the boardwalk

Bought matching T-shirts we’ll never wear
Ate hot dogs with everything
Sipped Slurpees that turned our tongues blue

No cares, no worries, no hurry
Until the sun slipped below the horizon
And the sky put on its pink nighty

We glanced at each other, eye to eye
And our hearts winked
You wrenched the oars of our canoe

From their locks and paddled like a robot
Back to the secluded cabin on the lake
Vacation nirvana


Poetic Asides Wednesday Poetry Prompt

use at least three of these words – paddle, robot, custard, quibble, glance, wrench

one line haiku


Lolly’s fourth haiku – a one line haiku

wind through a gap in the cabin ……. an eagle’s cry
©Laura Williams

rain tapping on the roof at night ……… a lullaby
© Candace Kubinec