Candied Apple


Candied Apple

The rides are still and
Lights in the park are dimming
She leaves with the best
Prize – candied apple, heaven
On a stick
The crunch of the first bite
Teeth punching through the
Sticky, red sugar crust
Juice of a tart Autumn apple
Dripping slowly down her chin
Landing on her yellow shirt –
Happy, swooning in the back seat

The Monarch


With my camera I capture you

Echo,   View

I see details that were hidden

Echo,  Unbidden

Fine veins on tender wings

Eco,   Heart sings

Slender antenae atop your head

Echo,   Spread

Pollen on your body and legs

Echo,   Begs

Proboscis sipping flower nectar

Echo,   Specter

Majestic monarch wiil you fly

Echo,   High

Away to live or stay and fade away

Echo,   Prey


Echo poetry form