Round and Round


A carnival doesn’t come alive

Until the sun goes down

The bright snap of multi-color

Neon outlines the ferris wheeeee-l

And the swaying riders in the

Top car are silhouetted against

The night sky

Renga Party 1 “in the twilight”


Chevrefeuille, over at Carpe Diem, is hosting a renga party!

He started it off with this –

in the twilight

mist creeps over the fields

stars twinkle

Ese added the next bit –

climbing vines of honeysuckle

scented breezes lure out the moon

now it’s my turn –

moonglow touches earth

sparkles brightly on still water

diamonds on the pond


Play and Party


Sun and shadows play a game

Run and tag, one hides one seeks

Fun all day across the sky

Done when light begins to streak

And then the stars push them aside

Grand ballroom fills the inky sky

Band plays tunes preferred by moon

disband when curtain lifts by light