Summer Sisters

Summer Sisters – a triolet


They stand across the garden, waving
wearing pretty summer frocks
a little flirty – but behaving
They stand across the garden, waving
blazing sun and storm clouds braving
zinnia, rose, and hollyhocks
They stand across the garden waving
wearing pretty summer frocks

Happy Summer  to all the poets in the Pub!

Out Of Service

d’Verse Poets Pub – Poetics: And the sign said….
Mish is tending bar over at the pub today and she has us seeing signs

I saw a bus one day that had Out Of Service where the next stop header would be. I wondered what it would be like to tell everyone I was ‘out of service’.


Out Of Service

I am an empty bus
no stops to make
no riders to deliver

downtown, uptown
suburbs, the mall
the next destination, my choice

I turn the radio on – loud
nobody complains
open windows and let the wind blow through

no one to smile at, argue with
tell jokes to
no frustrations, complications – no fun

I halt my empty bus
at your stop
will you ride with me

I’m a Believer

Quadrille #35 – pepper
Kim is tending bar at the Pub today. We’re celebrating Sgt Pepper’s 50th anniversary. Really! 50!!! Tell me it isn’t so.

I’m a Believer

It was Sgt Pepper who broke my heart
he had a Rubber Soul
I walked The Long and Winding Road alone
Mr Moon was waiting and I whispered
Do You Want to Know a Secret?
I’m The Fool on the Hill believing
love survives


Simply Me

“I Am Made of…” (Poetry and Flash Fiction with Magaly

Simply Me


I am blue ink
and garden dirt
with subtle notes of lavender

I write with my heart
and dig with my muse
to the depths of my very soul

solitude is my friend
my inspiration is silence
mixed with the soft music of nature


We recently visited the Millbrook Marsh in State College, PA. A great place for fishing, bird watching, and plant and insect identification.


This is the main education building

I really liked this small building with ivy growing over the door and painted walls


This painted bench was in one of the fields


What a great gate leading to the pollinator garden

Love Amid the Ruins

Fireblossom Friday: It’s Only A Paper Moon
It’s all about make- believe in the Garden


Love Amid the Ruins

we like to sit on the front porch
on moonlit nights
the people who lived here – before –
had a swing
but we like the coolness of the cement
we share strawberries from
the the patch that has gone wild
behind the house
there are enough for
chipmunks and birds too
the only music we hear
is made by crickets and frogs
no light pollution streams from
blank windows to dull the stars
we are content, safe
Captain and Tennille got it wrong
there’s nothing like raccoon love