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Troiku reprise

At Carpe Diem Haiku Kai, Chevrefeuille has challenged us to crate a Troiku
from one of Basho’s haiku

butterflies and birds
restlessly they rise up
a cloud of flowers

© Basho  (Tr Jane Reichold)


butterflies and birds
soar on gentle summer breeze
paint pale blue sky

restlessly they rise up
flocks of shiny black starlings
flying to warmer skies

a cloud of flowers
heavenly plum blossoms
above my head

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silent man

Over at d’Verse today Mary has asked us to try writing as if we are the opposite gender.
Quite a challenge! Here’s my “Gender Bender”

you think i don’t
notice when you
cut your hair
you think I’m not
listening when you
tell me stories about
your friends
you think i don’t
care when you wear
a new dress or new shoes
i notice
i listen
i care
but my words seem
trivial, insignificant
you deserve better
i stay silent

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Berry Blue

Magic Muffin
Magic Muffin

a brown nutty flour cloud rises from
the green mixing bowl
pale lemon chiffon yellow bananas
blend with bright school bus yellow eggs

all folded one upon the other becoming
bland, tan, until bits of blue (berries) are
gently added – dipped, spooned into pink
and blue fluted paper packages

kissed by brown sugar lips and
tucked into the oven where magic happens


The Phoenix Rising challenge this week is Tea Time/Tag Lines.
I choose the tag line “gourmets first taste their meals with their eyes”