Grace, over at d’Verse poets, challenged us to write Jisei, Japanese death poems
These are my attempts (shrug)

outside the window
dove calls to feathered mourners
my eyes slowly close

my journey over
rocky trail to the peak
heaven waits


28 thoughts on “Jisei

  1. No need to shrug – these are very good attempts. I’ve noticed you have a preference for the brief forms and Japanese forms, so you’re an expert at conveying or suggesting a lot with just a few words.


  2. I like the acceptance of death as alluded to this line: dove calls to feathered mourners

    These short forms are quite tricky, smiles ~ Thanks for joining us at D’verse ~


  3. No shrugging necessary…these are very good. I like the last line of the first one where the eyes slowly close. Gives a feeling of a very peaceful passing. The second one reflects on a life of perhaps hardship over rocky terrain and then heaven is waiting. I really enjoyed both of these…well done!


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