Party Girlie

d’Verse Poets Pub: Quadrille – balloon
De has us up in the air with balloons today


Party Girlie

I’m feeling rather bal(loony)
No one pulling my strings
No longer anchored by
Heavy thoughts
Floating along with whichever
Wind blows the sweetest
Bobbing through the day seemingly
Without direction or purpose
Looking for a party or some
Celebration where I can
Be me

Music Sijo

Carpe Diem Universal Jane #13 Sijo the Korean poem

Sijo is traditionally composed in three lines of 14-16 syllables each, totaling between 44-46 syllables. A pause breaks each line approximately in the middle; it resembles a caesura but is not based on metrics.

Here is my attempt at this form

a gentle breeze blowing through dry reeds sang a mournful song
and the nightingale answered with a hopeful melody
young lovers heard neither making, instead, their own sweet music

A Poem Takes Flight

Weekend Mini Challenge: Thought Animals

Kimis our host in the Garden  this weekend

A Poem Takes Flight


Like a small caterpillar
My thoughts grow
Fed with nibbles of ink
And syllables

Bit by bit they become bigger
Until they’ve out grown
Their small skin – shedding
Unwanted ideas and trite phrases

Growing longer and wiser
My words curl up, take a break
Transform into a poem
Then spread their wings and fly


d’verse Poets Pub – Poetics : The River

Paul Dear is the guest bartender at the Pub tonight and he’s got things flowing with the prompt ‘The River’

I wrote a river of words
In rhyme, free verse, sonnet
Then I built a little boat
And sailed from one end
Of your heart to the other
Avoiding rapids of heartbeats
And ripples of emotions
Listening for the echo of love
And hear only silence

Home Me

Imaginary Garden Weekend Mini-Challenge: Home

Take me home –

Let me sleep in my own bed
Eat at my own table

Take me home
Where I can find peace

In the gentle purring of a cat
And contentment in your arms