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Collaboration for Peace – 10

Here we are in our tenth week of “Collaboration for Peace”!
Be sure to check out Mish’s blog at mishunderstood
We hope you have enjoyed a peaceful Sunday.



We cannot see further
Than each step that we take
Hearts are obscured
By the choices we make

We muddle our minds
With things that don’t matter
Set adrift in the storm
Broken and battered

Searching for peace
In faraway lands
When peace is a power
That rests in our hands

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The Portrait


I am the poser
You are my painter
You color me with reds

and yellows, orange
Colors that burn my skin
torch my soul

You slash and splash
upon the canvas
While I long for cooling blues

soothing green
the gentle touch of
a fine haired brush

So I will wait until
you turn away
then I will color you


Mag 306
painting by Cesar Santos

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Magic Words

The king in fancy rags
performed his magic
transformed my words
into a song
took each letter
and twisted them
into balloon animals
then let them float free
“And where des wordies
should dey land, sweet girl?”
“In Pennsylvania please,
kind sir.”
“Then off they fly to
pencil in a vanity.”
I closed my eyes following
that trail of letters
all the way home.


Wow, what fun we’re having in the Imaginary Garden!!
The challenge is to “Fashion Me Your Words To Wit” by being a T&T Pierrot Grenade.
Here’s my attempt.

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Ode to Humanity

Bastet is schooling us on the Ode today at B & Ps Shadorma & Beyond



Each night I lay upon my bed
and pray for peace throughout the land
a safe abode for those who fled
and for the dead

Believe the day will bring relief
from drought and famine in the world
from pestilence, disease, and grief
despair unfurled

And in my dreams through night I see
a light to banish all that’s dark
the hope shines out from you and me
we are the spark

We are the peace and hope and light
if we just try to understand
not close our eyes at neighbor’s plight
but lend a hand