I Waited

I waited alone in my
room all night long
I twiddled my thumbs
I hummed an old song

I wrote a short story
a sonnet or two,
a limerick, acrostic,
free verse and haiku

I ate a stale cookie
maybe two or three
I went to the kitchen
and brewed up some tea

I tried playing cards
and my favorite board game
but all by myself
they were actually quite lame

I stared out the window
at a dark inky sky
Not even a star
twinkled back in reply

I waited all night
for that soft glowing face
I suppose the old moon
must be lost out in space


Over at d’Verse Meeting the Bar, Victoria is asking “Me, Myself and I …or is it?’
The challenge is to write a poem in the first person

22 thoughts on “I Waited

  1. Moon of Magic
    dreamy liGht you
    SinG mY sOul
    a SonG that’s alWays
    new.. oh ‘they’.. they
    took you away..
    at age
    5.. in Kindergarden..
    perhaps in private
    Catholic School
    at 7.. or maybe
    back in
    ways of
    who said
    only queers
    smile big and
    wide with ART dreams..
    i am no longer a boy
    i am a 230 LB Martial
    Artist who leg presses
    half a ton 25 times with
    arms raised in air
    like a frigging
    but the thing
    iS Love rules
    me by the pale
    of midnight
    Frees Love
    i am.. stronger
    and freer and younger
    driving 55 than ever before..
    heHE.. sure it’s a poem but the
    thing iS.. i can prove every word
    in the eyes of science and
    happy now
    my friend.. it’s
    worth shaRinG..
    wiTh KInD and COUrAGE
    As ONly CiNDERFEllAS
    REaLLY KnOW and FeeL..:)


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