My hiking boots were well worn, scuffed and muddy. With each step along the Appalachian Trail I could feel the footsteps of those who had hiked before me.
I had no illusions about my abilities. I would not be a thru-hiker, or a day- hiker, only a few-hours hiker. The section I chose was fairly level but wound through ancient hardwood forests. The air was cooled by the leafy canopy above, perfumed by native plants in the understory. The sun stubbornly pushed its way through the green ceiling. Birds chirped and small animals skittered through the pungent leaf litter on the ground. No other hiker passed by and I walked on in silence, adding my footprints to history.


slanted sunlight
shines through leafy canopy
lace on the trail


Transforming with Nature’s wonders at Real Toads

Kikobun at Carpe Diem

22 thoughts on “Footsteps

  1. Absolutely wonderful piece. You really brought alive this part of the hike for me. So well written, so nice to read, and with clever, simple deepness – meaning sincere and not pretentious. Such a good kikobun.
    I think you don’t have to worry about being ‘only’ on a few hours hike instead of one lasting for days,the way you right shows you can really immerse yourself in the beauty of the Appalachians!


  2. I live in a part of Oregon made for long hikes for all levels of hikers ~~ close to the Pacific Coast Trail as well. You have described the sensations, emotions of hiking well!


  3. Love it, Cand. And while you were walking you were read and ingesting the lace. Beautiful. 🙂
    I do that also when visiting new places, especially the ones which are a part of recorded history. Best example, one I will remember many steps was Israel. I knew my feet had crossed Jesus’ path many, many times. I even saved my shoes.


    1. Thanks Jim! And thanks for sharing your hiking memory too.
      By the way, I have had trouble commenting on your posts. I can’t seem to prove I’m not a robot ( I’m not, really) *wink*


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