Getting Through to Customer Service

Poetic Asides – Wednesday Poetry Prompt
“Getting (Blank)”

Getting Through to Customer Service

I punched in the 800 number
and waited
the smooth voice on the other
end assured me that my call
was important to them
I waited
fuzzy music of an unknown
genre blaring through the lines
more waiting
once again assured that
my call was important
made a cup of tea
music, music, music
started a crossword puzzle
ah,at last, a real person
asked my name,
account number,
date of birth,
….. and “how may I help you?”
my mind was numbed by
endless tunes
I mumbled something vague
I was not getting through

Biding Time

d’Verse  – Poets Pub

Imaginary Garden  – Tuesday Platform

Quadrille # 12 – rose


Hey bud
isn’t it time you a-rose
sun’s been shinin’ for hours
and you’re still curled,
rolled up tightly
I’m waitin’ for a sign
a little flutter, a waft
of bouquet
this thorny behavior
has me pleadin’
my heart bleedin’
ready for bloomin’ pink

Collaboration forPeace – 26

Mish  and I hope you find some time to slow down and marvel at the everyday bumps in your life.


photo by Mish

Ordinary Marvels

I longed for beauty –
collecting it in the things
and people surrounding me
filling the shelves of
my life with shiny knick-knacks
discarding anyone, anything
that didn’t sparkle
and when the glimmer, shimmer, glow
began to fade – showing itself
a temporary pleasure
I began to wonder at the
ordinary – to marvel at the
bumps and thorns that
make life real

Heart Patches

We’re finding Bits of Inspiration from Amber Rose Tamblyn in the Garden today


your battery acid words fly through
the air burning everyone they touch
like sparks from a forest fire

they land on my unprotected heart
leaving singed holes where
my feelings used to be

I build up walls of insulating
smiles to protect the fragile
core of my soul and wait

until you have burned
yourself to ashes
then I stitch bright patches

of summer sun and bluest sky
to heal the scorched places
and I move on

Summer Love

d’Verse – Tuesday Poetics: Summer Starter

under the summer roses
fallen petals wilt from
tender pink to brittle brown
forgotten as their beauty fades –
will our summer romance

Walt is hosting a summer party at the pub and has given us some super examples of summer poetry, challenging us to take a line, phrase, or word and create something new.
I chose the line “under the summer roses” from “Under The Harvest Moon” by Carl Sandburg

full circle

Carpe Diem Tokubetsudesu #84 Back in Time
“Carpe Diem full circle”


summer shower
princess gems left behind
droplets on willow


desert oasis
only palm trees cast shadows
relief for camels


silent cruise ship
ocean foams white like snow
rainbow follows


yellow fluttering
in lines above the shrine
prayer flags


word list -summer, princess,willow, oasis, palm tree, camel, cruise ship, snow, rainbow, yellow, shrine, prayer

Collaboration for Peace – 25

Mish and I hope you hold on to your inner peace this week.


photo by Mish

Lost Peace

Some where buried
under the chaos
of everyday

peace has gotten lost
but I will find it with
my eyes closed

I will hunt by
feeling with the
fingers of my heart

searching among the
stones that were
thrown until I touch

the smooth, comforting
warmth that is my peace

Night Out

Out of Standard in the Garden
From the Black Mirror
Use the last text you received and turn it into a poem

this is the text I used –
“I’ll pick you up at 8 …. Any ideas?”

Night Out

Any ideas
that come from my muse
are hers alone
I’m stepping out
cutting loose
no comfy chair
or cup of tea,
fuzzy slipper and jammies
oh, no I have
big plans
I’ll pick you up at 8 –
which book store shall
we hang out in?