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Heart Patches

We’re finding Bits of Inspiration from Amber Rose Tamblyn in the Garden today


your battery acid words fly through
the air burning everyone they touch
like sparks from a forest fire

they land on my unprotected heart
leaving singed holes where
my feelings used to be

I build up walls of insulating
smiles to protect the fragile
core of my soul and wait

until you have burned
yourself to ashes
then I stitch bright patches

of summer sun and bluest sky
to heal the scorched places
and I move on


I am a reader, a writer, and a snapper of photos

10 thoughts on “Heart Patches

  1. Oh my — reading this is feeling myself re-write bit and pieces of what I journaled just a few hours earlier today…under the same vast sky and bright sun. I too was searching for unexpected descriptions, and also titled my poem after the heart. I am glad that you stitched the patches — thanks for sharing. 😉

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