Proud Secrets

Proud Secrets


The winter sun shines weakly through gray clouds

Black secrets hurried into my dream,

They only saw our souls so proud,

Twirled in the wave of an open hand.


Inspired by Emily Dickinson and Sara Teasdale



I provided the first line, then chose from lines suggested by verse by verse. It was difficult to find lines that made some kind of sense when put together.


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Soul Sounds

Soul Sounds



My soul thrilled to the music of birds

and buzzing bees that lived in the

backyard garden, but this landlocked

soul did not know true music until it

felt the rhythm of ocean moving in the

darkness and heard waves crashing on the beach



A Simple Gift

A Simple Gift



I looked for a love poem to

give to you, but none were

as tender as the  gleam in your eyes

I listened for a love song to

give to you, but none were

as stirring as the sound of your voice

I searched for some bauble to

give to you, but none had magic

to touch your soul

So I stand here before you

and hold out my humble heart



It’s Valentine’s Day in the Pub