Missing Your Shadow

d”Verse Poets Quadrille # 17
De at whimsygizmo is asking us to write about shadows today

Missing Your Shadow
I walked around the lake
the way we used to do
and bought pellets to
feed the ducks
the way we used to do
I looked for you when I
heard the hawks over head
circling in the warm updrafts
I smiled at dogs and children
running past our favorite bench
but the joy was gone
As the sun cast long fingers
of orange across the water
I longed to see your shadow
fall across my path once more

night sky

Carpe Diem Special #220 Orion, a haibun by Dolores Fegan

When you live in cloudy Western Pennsylvania you think you’ve seen a sky full of stars, but you haven’t. It was on a trip to the high desert of Arizona that I saw the true wonder of a clear night with no pollution from shopping malls and street lights. A magnificent show that covered the sky from edge to edge.


blanket of clouds
removed from the night sky
thousand points of light

moon dancing

arms outstretched
faces turned upward
moonlight shines
as we laugh
monsters hiding in the dark
shrink and fade away
© cgk 2016

At B&Ps Shadorma and Beyond we’re getting our inspiration from the following poem
by Zeki Majed

Dancing in the Olive Field

With your fragile soul in my arms
We move with the rhythm of our hearts
Side to side, left and right
We both feel love inside
For each other, for the sight
Of the setting sun, for your beautiful eyes
Where I see the reflection of the moon rise
As we are moving with the wind
So gentle, yet the entire world can feel
The passion which we carry when our bare feet
Slide across the land like a summer breeze
With your head on my chest, your hands in mine
We are dancing in the olive field…
With a sinful smile…
The scent of heaven reaches my tears
That travel across my face
Full of sorrow, that leaves
Like the autumn leaves
Waiting to be replaced by spring…
Like the happiness that you bring
When we are dancing in the olive field…
Side to side, left and right
Forever intertwined…with you my darling
As we…are dancing in the olive field…

(c) Zeki Majed, 2015