frosty rose

Carpe Diem Tan Renga Challenge Month May 29th: “a single frosty rose” by Mizuhara Shuoshi (1892-1981)

A new year begins
With the blooming
Of a single frosty rose                         (Mizuhara Shuoshi)


fragile petals opening
like the beauty of new love                 (Candy)

Forgotten Promise

d’Verse Poets Quadrille 10 – breeze

it was a breeze that brought the scent
of summer roses to my room
I closed my eyes and thought of you
and nights we spent along the stream
I felt your kisses on my lips and heard you
whisper words of promised love

Collaboration for Peace -21

Poem by Mish who writes at mishunderstood

Photo by Candy


I Choose Tolerance

Because hate has

No substance

Nothing to offer

I wouldn’t hire hate

I wouldn’t marry hate

I wouldn’t even hang out

With hate

Hate is hollow

                                                      What would I do with hollow?


Take Me Instead

d’Verse Poets – Meeting the Bar
Victoria has us getting in shape for summer with an Etheree
I’m counting from 1 to 10 and back again


want to
drive to the
ocean with the
throng and the clamor
where the sand burns my feet
so I have to wear sandals
and the sun turns my skin scarlet
so I sit in the shade, covered up
in a shirt and hat, wearing dark glasses
take me instead to the cool green mountains
where a stream trickles over smooth rocks
and birds sing to me from the trees
where I can follow a trail
and search for wildflowers
to weave through my hair
then in the dark
I can count
stars and


d’Verse Poetics : Character Study
Walt has us thinking about someone who is a “Memorable Character”


he was a whistler
not by birth but by
no humming or one note tunes
his songs would swirl
through the house
perfect pitch
blue eyes sparkling
and we all smiled

green season

it was the green season
the perfect time
to sow love
in the fertile soil of
a new relationship
water it with
gentle tears of joyfulness
warm it with smiles
then watch the tender shoots
of fancy become strong
enough to bind two hearts

d’Verse Poets Quadrille # 19 – green

& Tuesday Platform at Real Toads