Take Me Instead

d’Verse Poets – Meeting the Bar
Victoria has us getting in shape for summer with an Etheree
I’m counting from 1 to 10 and back again


want to
drive to the
ocean with the
throng and the clamor
where the sand burns my feet
so I have to wear sandals
and the sun turns my skin scarlet
so I sit in the shade, covered up
in a shirt and hat, wearing dark glasses
take me instead to the cool green mountains
where a stream trickles over smooth rocks
and birds sing to me from the trees
where I can follow a trail
and search for wildflowers
to weave through my hair
then in the dark
I can count
stars and

26 thoughts on “Take Me Instead

  1. Nice one. I like how you utilized the form to suit your subject matter. The mounting tension when you describe the “throng and clamor” and the heat of the beach, and then, at the halfway mark, how you switch to describing the “cool green mountains” and, slowly, the tension releases, and the poem trickles to a close like the “stream… over cool rocks.” It’s like taking a deep breath and slowly exhaling.

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  2. It was the mountains for me as well, as I’m sure it is with Bjorn, but in the last 25 years I have learned to appreciate the air, the negative ions, the pounding surf, & driftwood of the sea–my photography reflects it as well. Your use of the form is impressive, & message is clarion.


  3. I like your journey and destination, Candy. And it’s going to take more than an etheree to get me in shape for summer. They don’t make poems as big as I need! 😉


  4. Nicely put and my sentiments exactly. I do not care to fry on a beach. Of course, I live near a beach and mountains are hundreds of miles away for me. Such is life!

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  5. The (beach) sun is unkind to me too so far better a cool walk at dusk. However I do find the countryside more enchanting more beautiful. That said the sea draws me in with its wanderlust…
    Anna :o]

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