d’Verse Poets Pub – Poetics: For the love of puzzles . . .
Wow, this was some challenge, Lillian!


proving the existence of
a dark, hidden planet is
like trying to puzzle the soft
essence of your heart
moving aside the hard parts formed
over years of heartache and climbing
obstacles you have planted to dash all
new pathfinders

but I will carry on, from
dawn to end of day
searching for a crack, some sign of
yielding to the tender
impulses hidden behind an alkali-
like reaction that keeps you safe
from the acidic touches you have known
until my heart can teach yours its gentle creed

— pale moon,
my friend

Heart of the Matter

d’Verse Poets Pub – Quadrille #134: We {heart} poems

Heart of the Matter

This poem would like to get right
To the heart of the matter
Dispense with heart-shaped boxes
And frilly construction paper hearts
No plucking heartstrings or silly
“I heart you” stickers. This poem wears
its heart on its sleeve and shouts,
“I love you!”

In the Ladies Parlor

In the Ladies Parlor

We come with cups filled
with our true selves, slowly
pouring out bits for others
to gather up and marvel
at their beauty.
Sometimes laughter splashes out,
sometimes tears.
Sometimes our fears or frustrations
slip over the brim to be picked
up and soothed by sages and philosophers
who understand. And when we leave that
Ladies Parlor we find our cups have
been refilled with small treasures
from the cups of others.

— Candace Kubinec

Thank you to the Ladies Tea and Poetry Society
for a wonderful afternoon of fellowship


Slow Time

Slow Time

It is the slow time
The time between day
and night

The time when only cardinals
are searching for seeds
under the feeder

The time when even the trees seem
to settle and the breeze softens
The time when faint rosy smears

left by the sun remain in the sky
It is the slow time
when two hearts turn away from

the busy world
to find each other