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Bread and Wine

The Church Brew Works, Pittsburgh, PA photo from Wikipedia
The Church Brew Works, Pittsburgh, PA
photo from Wikipedia

the faithful come each week
standing in line for a bit of
bread and a taste of wine

there are no ushers or priests
no service or offering
at the old Saint John the Baptist

church only hostesses and waiters
who seat you and take your order
you sip from a cup and

commune with fellow travelers
I think The Baptist
would approve

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Ahhh ~


there was a place on
the way to work – in the
days when I worked –
a country back road that
twisted and curved
a place where the trees
reached across the asphalt
to hold hands above me
a place where the sun
shone through the leaves
and made a lace pattern
for me to drive over
a place where time felt
like it had slowed down,
had taken a deep breath
where peace flowed through
the open windows and wrapped
me in its arms


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Ellis Island Phoenix Rising Poetry Guild
Ellis Island
Phoenix Rising Poetry Guild

he asks your name
and when you say it
he writes down what he hears
you are forever known by
a name not your own

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Amateur Sower


I am a dabbler in the garden

a mere novice in the mysterious

art of coaxing flowers and

vegetables to push their heads

out of the dark earth

still a student of the spells

and brews and potions

I tinker with trowels and spades

as any tenderfoot would and

petition the garden gods to

one day bestow on me the title