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Amateur Sower


I am a dabbler in the garden

a mere novice in the mysterious

art of coaxing flowers and

vegetables to push their heads

out of the dark earth

still a student of the spells

and brews and potions

I tinker with trowels and spades

as any tenderfoot would and

petition the garden gods to

one day bestow on me the title



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This Poem is a Globe, a Drop, and a Book

This poem is a spinning globe

This poem is a raindrop on a leaf

This poem is a book

This poem spins the world we know

making us all a little dizzy

This poem defines each country

with colors that blur together

as it spins, creating a new world

This poem is a colorful globe

This poem is a raindrop that sits on

a leaf waiting for the sun to embrace it

to lift it into the sky, send it away

and let it fall again in field or forest

This poem is a patient raindrop

This poem is a book of words

trapped between covers until opened

by some lover who sets them free

carries them like a bouquet

and bestows them on friends and strangers

This poem is a bouquet of words

This poem is a globe of many colors

This poem is a traveling raindrop

This poem is a book of flowers


Boomerang Poem form challenge by Hannah