Write On Down the Road

there is no end to this blank road
no rest-stopping on the map
it’s a trap
slows me down, find a noun
to fill up the gap
sing, jog, dance, prance, love in ink
push words to the brink

Today at d’Verse Poets Pub we’re listening to some cool jazz.
Thanks to Bjorn for this Open Link Night

I decided to try another Melancholia


The End of the Road(show)

found pieces
yard sales
waiting in
lines filled with folks
wearing comfy shoes
and colorful shirts
hoping they will
be sitting at the blue
table with grandmother’s
(fill in the blank) before the

Imagine That

This summer Robert Lee Brewer had introduced the poetic form Decina on his Poetic Asides blog.Then in Aug, he issued a challenge. This one got third place. Toot!

On summer days I climb a tree
I sit on branches high and wide
Pretend that I could take a ride
upon a ship that sails the sea
Or maybe I would like to be
An astronaut in outer space
Talk to a moon man face-to-face
And then my branch becomes a mare
Go galloping without a care
Til mother calls me to home base

┬ęCandace Kubinec

Time Loop

somewhere around the bend
is where our tomorrow lies
bend my mind around your
lies until it comes unwound
your smile will bind the pieces
unwound the clock of today
pieces fall in pools of time
today lags far behind
time on the path to somewhere


the OctPoWri Mo challenge today is to write a loop poem where the last word in the first line is the first in the third a the last of the second is the first of rhe fourth and so on.

I certainly found it to be challenging – at least I gave it a shot.


image by Morgan Dragonwillow
image by Morgan Dragonwillow

Faded Image

in the middle of a rain storm
when the thunder and lightening clash
brightly flash
you appear, feel so near
then fade in a splash
your image smears down the pane
I’m alone again

It’s Play it Again Toads! over in the Imaginary Garden
I chose “Imagined” by Kerry O’Connor – Paul Laurence Dunbar – 7 line stanza poem
in the Melancholia form