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Time Loop

somewhere around the bend
is where our tomorrow lies
bend my mind around your
lies until it comes unwound
your smile will bind the pieces
unwound the clock of today
pieces fall in pools of time
today lags far behind
time on the path to somewhere


the OctPoWri Mo challenge today is to write a loop poem where the last word in the first line is the first in the third a the last of the second is the first of rhe fourth and so on.

I certainly found it to be challenging – at least I gave it a shot.

image by Morgan Dragonwillow
image by Morgan Dragonwillow
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Faded Image

in the middle of a rain storm
when the thunder and lightening clash
brightly flash
you appear, feel so near
then fade in a splash
your image smears down the pane
I’m alone again

It’s Play it Again Toads! over in the Imaginary Garden
I chose “Imagined” by Kerry O’Connor – Paul Laurence Dunbar – 7 line stanza poem
in the Melancholia form

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Garden Loop

I planted a red rose

Rose with a prickly thorn

Thorn that drew your blood

Blood that reaped your scorn


At B&P Shadorms & Beyond we’re challenged to write a Loop Poem

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Unrequited Love


she couldnt cook
he didnt care
her smile boiled his blood
her eyes held a dare

she didn’t dust
or so it seemed
her touch gave him chills
her kiss was his dream

their laundry piled
around the room
her scent made him groan
sweet voice like perfume

his heart knew well
he shouldn’t stay
she wasn’t his fate
with his soul he’d pay

so at midnight
leaving desire
climbed out the window
escaped his vampire


for OctPoWriMo we were asked to choose a picture from Public Domain Pictures then write a story poem.

I started out to write a story about a woman who couldnt cook, however the story took a halloweeny turn and I was powerless to stop it.

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Cosmic Love

sun confetti floats around
the room settling
on every surface

are you in those motes
have you become a
speck in the universe

if I listen to the wind
will I hear you laughing
do you whisper to me

in a snowflake
is that you tapping
on my window

when it rains
I stand alone in the
night waiting to feel

your kiss in a moonbeam
you are gone and still
I search


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Feeling Beamish

There once was a gal who felt beamish
Not prudish or timid or squeamish
She was feeing frabjous
As she strapped on her shoes
And went wading to catch rainbow fish


Victoria, over at the d’Verse pub is asking for some humor (What is sillier than a limerick!?)

She challenged us to use some fun new words.