Chocolate Trouble

I didn’t mean to eat
the whole bag – just
one bar, well maybe
just another
They were intended
for witches and pirates
and ghosts who roamed
the dark streets
And now I hear them
stomping up the front
porch steps, giggling
And shushing each
other – too late to turn
off the lights and pretend
I’m not home
My doorbell chimes as
if it is at Westminster
There is no escape and
I smile guiltily as I deposit
boxes of raisins into
outstretched bags and
“It’s better for them” I
mutter to myself

41 thoughts on “Chocolate Trouble

  1. i guess.. i am a lucky little goblin and
    still am.. as i never care much
    for candy..
    but tricks
    are so much
    fun.. and i’m
    back to tricks again..
    as a real trickster..
    yes.. the white
    magic kind..
    no black
    magic here..
    never really
    needs a
    costume.. year
    ’round for tricks..
    BYOB Light tricks
    is what
    i do..;)


  2. I just LOVE this! This is why I do not buy candy. There is nothing like having just ONE bar…. And chances are the entire BAG of bars will be gone in a jiffy! But, ha, imagine the disappointment of the trick-or-treaters when they look and find raisins!! Healthier, but…..


  3. Been there, ate that. My wife buys chocolate candies early, “so we can be ready”, but looking in the cupboard, we have depleted the choco-cache. “We need to go to a movie on Halloween”, she told me this morning; smile.


  4. What fun. My roommate would always buy two of those monster bags of chocolate – to have enough. By Halloween, it was gone. She’d say WE have to get more. Nope, YOU have to get more! My husband hid the Reeses cups and KitKats to keep me out of them…


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