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Dark Side

We’re exploring the dark side of love over in the Garden


Dark Side

No creamy smoothness swirling
Nothing sweet and sickening
Nothing gooey
Finger liking
Tongue tickling

No, this is a day for darkness
And bitterness
Straight from the jungle
No less than 85%
Roasted, husked, and ground



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NaPoWriMo Day Twenty-seven – taste


The rules were clearly posted
No running
No eating
No touching
No, no, no ,no ……..
So we carefully, softly walked
From gallery to gallery pointing
From a distance – trying to
Read the details beside each work –
Whispering our opinions
A Cassatt, a Pollock, an O’Keefe
Landscapes, Outsider art, abstract
Stalked by the docent in polyester pants
That swished when she walked
Next time we’re going to the chocolate
Museum where there are samples for tasting

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Chocolate Trouble

I didn’t mean to eat
the whole bag – just
one bar, well maybe
just another
They were intended
for witches and pirates
and ghosts who roamed
the dark streets
And now I hear them
stomping up the front
porch steps, giggling
And shushing each
other – too late to turn
off the lights and pretend
I’m not home
My doorbell chimes as
if it is at Westminster
There is no escape and
I smile guiltily as I deposit
boxes of raisins into
outstretched bags and
“It’s better for them” I
mutter to myself