Not Much New

There’s not much new
between midnight and
except in that second
we’ve gained another year
flipped the calendar page
kissed someone we love
(or like a lot)
made promises to
ourselves about the
improvements we’ll
be seeing in the coming months
shared a toast, raised
a glass
danced and hugged
cheered with the crowd
and felt the stirrings
of hopefulness tingling
down our spines.
Happy New Year!!
Wishing you peace and hope in 2016

Seeking Heroes


where have they gone

are they all lost
can’t be found
run aground
giving me the run-
around until I stumble,
fumble for words
to call them back
attack the memory
of those who seemed
invincible, invisible,
indivisible by we who
search in vain, again
look in the places
humble ones have
occupied since time
began – the ones who didn’t
claim the fame they had
attained, instead persisted
in the fight for truth and light
and what is right
I’m seeking heroes
here and there and
find them hiding everywhere


posted at Poetic Asides – the prompt was to use Seeking ______  as the title of your poem


Collaboration for Peace

Mish and I have been working on a project we would like to call “Collaboration for Peace”. Here is our first creation, combining her photos with my haiku. We hope to spread peace and hope throughout this community of poets.
Who is Mish? You can find her at mishunderstood.  We are both members of Artisits4Peace.


tall forest trees stretched
their branches upward to point
the way to heaven

© candace kubinec



shopping, baking, present wrapping
not much time for meals or napping

little sticky fingerprints
cane shaped candy peppermints

garland, tinsel on the tree
stockings hanging jauntily

Christmas program super star
snowflakes landing on the car

frozen turkey now defrosted
is old Santa this exhausted