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Sun and Solace


Sun shines soft upon the land
trees and rocks and rivers
Shines for every woman, man
shines for every creature
We should turn our faces up
fill our hearts with solace
Reach out and extend a hand
allay another’s sorrow


Bastet has prompted us to write a hymn. She gave us the example of Good King Wenceslaus.
B&Ps Shadorma and Beyond

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shopping, baking, present wrapping
not much time for meals or napping

little sticky fingerprints
cane shaped candy peppermints

garland, tinsel on the tree
stockings hanging jauntily

Christmas program super star
snowflakes landing on the car

frozen turkey now defrosted
is old Santa this exhausted

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The Heart Of The Matter

she does not remember
that i am her daughter
she thinks i am her sister

and asks how mother
feels today
she does not remember

that she has already
eaten lunch – her
favorite, grilled cheese

and tomato soup
even though the front
of her blouse is dotted

with soup spots
she does not remember
that her husband died

twenty years ago
and says she must get
home to fix dinner for Al

but as we walk down
the hall to her room –
arm in arm –

i smile while she sings
You Are My Sunshine
and she remembers

every word