The Heart Of The Matter

she does not remember
that i am her daughter
she thinks i am her sister

and asks how mother
feels today
she does not remember

that she has already
eaten lunch – her
favorite, grilled cheese

and tomato soup
even though the front
of her blouse is dotted

with soup spots
she does not remember
that her husband died

twenty years ago
and says she must get
home to fix dinner for Al

but as we walk down
the hall to her room –
arm in arm –

i smile while she sings
You Are My Sunshine
and she remembers

every word


11 thoughts on “The Heart Of The Matter

  1. Two of my grandparents were in their 90s and had Alzheimers. It was harder on my parents than me I think as for me they had always been old, at least to some degree. My Mum is starting to show a few signs and it’s hard for me to accept that she is now getting older. She is now 70 and when her Mum was 70, we considered her an old woman. She was allowed to stop and slow down a bit. I still expect my mum to be who she’s always been walking two metres ahead ahead of me. She always been a fast walker and in a rush to get everywhere and she’s starting to slow down and I guess that change of tempo doesn’t make sense. To me, my parents are immortal, even though I know they’re not. I have some severe health issues so I’ve had to rely on them more than I would like and it is scary to think that oneday they won’ be here but that also reminds me to appreciate them now. Make the most of things. Carpe diem seize the day.
    My thoughts are with you!
    xx Rowena

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