Another Cloudy Day in Western PA

Poetic Asides – Wednesday Poetry Prompt
‘Another ___________’


Another Cloudy Day in Western PA

I have learned to love the clouds
Light gray, dark gray
Wispy, ominous
Sometimes a wooly
Blanket covering the sky
I love them when they line up,
Like children waiting for
Recess, pushing and shoving
One another
One day they might rush by in a hurry to
Get to the next town or else they’ll
Just hang around for a while
Waiting for the wind to
Push them along
To soak up secrets from
Another admirer in a far off land
There is beauty in their forms
And shapes, their subtle shading,
The way they blush pink in the
Evening because they’ve hidden the
Sun all day
I have learned to love the clouds
Look up as they pass
And wish them well

Imaginary Garden With Real Toads – Tuesday Platform



Sensory Love


I love the illusion of you
that lingers on your
favorite chair and in
the rumpled sheets
I love the scent of you
that hangs in the air
after you pass by
I love the sound of you
that echoes through
these empty rooms
when you are gone
I love the feel of you
at the end of a day
when there is just us

seeking silence

in solitude I searched
for silence
– when the sun slid

above the horizon,
but heard instead the
happy chirping

of morning birds
– in the afternoon stillness
the sound of buzzing

filled the air as bees
went about their busy-ness
– as the sun gave up the day

and the dusk of evening
enveloped me,
but the breeze whispered

in the trees, rustling the leaves
– even under the gentle moon a
chorus of crickets were singing

In solitude I searched
for silence
and found peace instead


Tuesday Platform – the sound of silence

The Heart Of The Matter

she does not remember
that i am her daughter
she thinks i am her sister

and asks how mother
feels today
she does not remember

that she has already
eaten lunch – her
favorite, grilled cheese

and tomato soup
even though the front
of her blouse is dotted

with soup spots
she does not remember
that her husband died

twenty years ago
and says she must get
home to fix dinner for Al

but as we walk down
the hall to her room –
arm in arm –

i smile while she sings
You Are My Sunshine
and she remembers

every word