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No Longer Kings

Poetics: Bold Tributes

“The five kings count the dead but do not soften
The crusted wound nor pat the brow;”
⁃ Dylan Thomas
from, ‘The Hand That Signed the Paper Felled a City’


No Longer Kings


When I asked about ‘the five kings’ they said
count the dead’ and then come back
so, I go quietly out ‘but do not’ look for
dead to count, instead I find a way to ‘soften
the crusted wound’ upon this fragile land
a song to sing to bless the ones who sacrifice
a word to mend the tear dividing brothers
not just to sooth the flame ‘nor pat the brow
but open eyes and hearts and minds
a prayer that kings will leave their thrones
and we no longer need to count our dead


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Sunday Football Fans

Fussy Little Forms: Chained Rhyme

We’re linking some rhymes in the Garden

Sunday Football Fans

Ardent fan with painted face
Trace of human coloring gone
Drawn instead in greens and blues
Hues unnatural and strange
Exchange taunts with those who cheer
Sincere(ly) for the other team
Scream as if his life will end
Offend some other sitting near
Atmosphere becomes more tense
Defense makes a crucial play
They forget the slight and hug
Chug a celebration beer
Spear the air with upraised hands
Stand together shout and sing
Cling to hopes of victory


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Rescue Me

Saturday Mix – Lucky Dip, 13 January 2018
A Triolet consists of 8 lines.
The rhyming scheme is:
AB, aA, abAB
Line 1, 4 and 7 are the same line repeated
So are lines 2 and 8.

Rescue Me


Maybe I need cowboys after all
Like the ones in movies, who wear white hats
Strong and courageous – to catch me when I fall
Maybe I need cowboys after all
Someone to rescue me from politics and wordy brawl
And disappearing habitats
Maybe I need cowboys after all
Like the ones in movies, who wear white hats

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A Lover Leaps


Welcome 2018!
D’Verse Poets Pub Quadrille #47 – leap


A Lover Leaps

My heart said,
“Go ahead, take a leap.”
But my brain said,
“No, no, no – you might
Get hurt.”
You smiled
A tender smile
Your blue eyes sparkled
With joy
My heart took a deep breath
My brain closed it’s eyes
I leapt