Extraordinary Birthday

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Reflecting on celebrations and milestones in the Garden

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Extraordinary Birthday

I sit here, feet up,
With a cup of tea
Just reflecting on the
Little things that become special
Little things like a wolf puppet
Who came to life two years ago
When a rebellious three year-old
Refused to take her vitamins
And the wolf (who shall be
Named Wolfie Scalliwag) spoke
Up and said, “ I don’t think you are
Behaving.” And that sweet child paused,
Then readily took those vitamins
Every year we celebrate that day –
Wolfie’s birthday
And I wonder, as the years unfold,
How many birthdays we’ll celebrate
Until the child is no longer charmed
By Wolfie Scalliwag – wolf puppet


32 thoughts on “Extraordinary Birthday

  1. I suspect you will always be charmed by Wolfie Scalliwag (as am I), as that decoy toy that helped get you through the terrible two’s. Some day when Wolfie no longer charms your child, your story will remain….charming as it is:) What a sweet memory. Keep the puppet! Keep talking about it.


  2. Oh my goodness, this is so much fun! I really love more child-like story poems. The ending sure had me smiling. Well, it all did — so totally adorable. 🙂

    And thanks for the reminder to take my vitamins (and drink more water, since we’re on the subject).


  3. This takes me back to my own childhood…I was a fussy eater, so whenever I was being particularly stubborn they would call my grandpa in and he would take a spoonful of something and hold it in front of me and tell me it was “alligator meat.” I have no idea of why the thought of that was so enticing, but I would eat it right up! Now I’m a vegetarian 🙂

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  4. This is absolutely delightful. I know that my children and grandchildren rue the days they foolishly discarded loved stuffed toy companions. When I realised that I had left my own scruffy stuffed monkey behind when we moved house in 1946 and didn’t remember him until a year or two later I was quite bereft!

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  5. Wonderful. I didn’t have a Wolfie Scalliwags but instead there was Tiger – a stuffed tiger I loved. After all these years, I can remember my mother inducing me to take medicine or eat spinach with that tiger in her hands. I hope your young one will always remember. This is just a delightful poem and story.


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