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Extraordinary Birthday

Get Listed: Landslide Month

Reflecting on celebrations and milestones in the Garden

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Extraordinary Birthday

I sit here, feet up,
With a cup of tea
Just reflecting on the
Little things that become special
Little things like a wolf puppet
Who came to life two years ago
When a rebellious three year-old
Refused to take her vitamins
And the wolf (who shall be
Named Wolfie Scalliwag) spoke
Up and said, “ I don’t think you are
Behaving.” And that sweet child paused,
Then readily took those vitamins
Every year we celebrate that day –
Wolfie’s birthday
And I wonder, as the years unfold,
How many birthdays we’ll celebrate
Until the child is no longer charmed
By Wolfie Scalliwag – wolf puppet


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NaPoWriMo Day twenty-nine – take a word from a favorite poem

I have always like the Poetry of James Kavanaugh and the title poem from his book There Are Men Too Gentle To Live Among Wolves, is one of my favorites. I chose wolf as my word.



You howl but I
Do not reply
Only my heartbeat
Breaks the silence
Of a starless night
Instinct keeps me
Safe from you –
On the prowl
Wearing your best

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this moment

Carpe Diem #1031 “live in the present”

[…] “Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment.” […] Buddha


wild gray wolf
lives only in the moment
howling at the moon