The Lady

It’s Quadrille Monday! at d’Verse Poets
Lillian is tending bar today and our word is Harbor

The Lady

They left her standing, alone
Keeping watch over the harbor
A welcoming committee of one
In a green dress and sandals
She harbors ill-will toward none
Who pass her way – the lost, the tired
The searchers, adventurers –
Each looking for safe harbor


d’Verse Poets Pub – MTB – School Days, School Days, Good Ole Golden Rule Days . . .
Lillian is sending us back to school to write an “alphabet sestet”


everyone says clouds are soft and you can
float across the sky upon them as they
glide from here to there – but they are damp and
heavy with tears they’ve gathered from below as
if they could take away the misery they see for maybe
just a little while

A Tiny Ember

d’Verse Poets – Quadrille #64 – Quick!Write something!
Dee is tending bar today and looking for some quickness from us

A Tiny Ember

it didn’t happen quickly –
a slow magical process
a bit by bit transformation

no spark that burst to flame –
a tiny ember that glowed within
warmed my soul

my heart

fed my muse
until I turned from poet
into poem

On Cloud Nine

Poetic Bloomings – PROMPT #214 – YOUR NUMBER’S UP
Marie Elana and Walt have challenged us to use a phrase with a number in it as the prompt for our poeming this week.

On Cloud Nine
There was no light-hearted laughter
On cloud nine
No warm feeling of joy prevailed
On cloud nine
Clouds one through eight sang, but not
On cloud nine

There was bickering and tears
On cloud nine
Angry gray feelings abounded
On cloud nine
Until no more could be held
On cloud nine
And down poured all the grief upon the earth
From cloud nine

We’ve had non-stop rain here for two days.

A Compromise of Purple

Poetic Bloomings – PROMPT #213 – YOU COME TO MY SENSES

A great prompt from Maria Elena and Walt over at Poetic Bloomings

A Compromise of Purple


Your words flew out at me in shades
Of haughty reds and angry oranges
Pushing, rejecting my humble words
In hues of blues that would not yield

Your words and mine began
To blend, to merge, to smooth
Into a new idea
A compromise of purple