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Lillian is sending us back to school to write an “alphabet sestet”


everyone says clouds are soft and you can
float across the sky upon them as they
glide from here to there – but they are damp and
heavy with tears they’ve gathered from below as
if they could take away the misery they see for maybe
just a little while

20 thoughts on “Clouds

  1. Somehow, in these times of turbulence, hurricanes, and troubles, I can understand the idea of clouds gathering up the tears from below. A novel view I’ve not seen before. A wonderful way to talk about the clouds. Would they could also take them away….permanently. 🙂

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  2. I so enjoyed the contrasts you’ve created here, Candy. The dreaminess and hopefulness of floating on clouds and then to realize they carry all of our woes with them, perhaps easing our burden a bit. Wow. I love it.

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