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d’Verse Poets Pub -MTB–The Minute Poem
Frank has us trying out a minute poem and it’s going to take much longer than a minute to accomplish this challenge.


I was having trouble sleeping

Moon came peeping

Caught me crying

Left me sighing


I was having trouble waking

Sun came shaking

On my shoulder

Left me bolder


I was having trouble seeing

Love was fleeing

You came giving

Life worth living


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d’Verse Poets Pub – Looking Out / Looking In
Lillian has us contemplating windows in the garden. Are you looking out or peeking in?

I found your chrysalis in the garden
hanging under a wilted zucchini leaf
perfectly camouflaged except for
the ring of tiny gold dots that added
just a touch of bling

I rescued you for surely you would
not survive if you fell to the ground
and put you in a mesh cage for safety
I placed your new home in the laundry room
away from curious cats and four year-olds

When you emerged one morning
you were weak and wrinkled – not able to fly
Before lunch I checked on you again
and you were gone – flying somewhere
in my house searching for freedom

I searched too – upstairs and down
worried you would die before you
found a way to escape this unnatural place
I picked zinnias and put them in front
of a window hoping to lure you there

But you were already there on the screen
waiting, looking at the trees and sky
the flowers beckoned to you – called to you escape
I raised the screen just a little and you flew off
I could feel the joy and you floated higher still


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My Albatross

d’Verse Poets Pub – Happy 6th Anniversary & Quadrille #36
Something is ‘flickering’ in the pub today

My Albatross

I cook – you eat
I clean – you golf
I shop – you nap
You take no part
In this partnership
‘Cupple’ means morning coffee
ready when you wake
but when I see that
flicker of a smile
You are my beautiful albatross

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Summer Sisters

Summer Sisters – a triolet


They stand across the garden, waving
wearing pretty summer frocks
a little flirty – but behaving
They stand across the garden, waving
blazing sun and storm clouds braving
zinnia, rose, and hollyhocks
They stand across the garden waving
wearing pretty summer frocks

Happy Summer  to all the poets in the Pub!

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Out Of Service

d’Verse Poets Pub – Poetics: And the sign said….
Mish is tending bar over at the pub today and she has us seeing signs

I saw a bus one day that had Out Of Service where the next stop header would be. I wondered what it would be like to tell everyone I was ‘out of service’.


Out Of Service

I am an empty bus
no stops to make
no riders to deliver

downtown, uptown
suburbs, the mall
the next destination, my choice

I turn the radio on – loud
nobody complains
open windows and let the wind blow through

no one to smile at, argue with
tell jokes to
no frustrations, complications – no fun

I halt my empty bus
at your stop
will you ride with me

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I’m a Believer

Quadrille #35 – pepper
Kim is tending bar at the Pub today. We’re celebrating Sgt Pepper’s 50th anniversary. Really! 50!!! Tell me it isn’t so.

I’m a Believer

It was Sgt Pepper who broke my heart
he had a Rubber Soul
I walked The Long and Winding Road alone
Mr Moon was waiting and I whispered
Do You Want to Know a Secret?
I’m The Fool on the Hill believing
love survives


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d’Verse Poets Pub: Form for All–Ottava Rima
Frank is tending bar and has challenged us to try this abababcc form


it was a stray whisper, did you feel it

did you see it as it passed through the tree

did it touch your cheek, just a little bit

did it curl into your ear like a plea

invade your mind and there it paused to sit

until words tumbled from your lips to me

with them was just a hint of discontent

a sour thought allowed to grow, ferment