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d’Verse Poets Pub -Tuesday Poetics: Wish you were here.
De is tending bar and wants us to send her some postcards


If you do not respond to this mess(age)
we will be forced to cancel our services
All clothing should be picked up, plates
and cups returned to the kitchen and
trash swept out from under the bed

The Mumagement

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So High

d’Verse Poets Pub -Oldies but Goodies, No Matter the Age
Lillian is hosting and has asked us to choose a popular song from our early years as the inspiration for a poem.

1951 – How High the Moon by Les Paul and Mary Ford

So High
How high the moon seems on
A clear winter night
So high
Even the stars can’t touch it
Shining down on this simple planet
Lighting the way for travelers
And lovers

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Sculpting En Plein Air

d’Verse Poets Pub Quadrille #30
It’s a ‘drizzle’ kind day with Mish tending bar at the pub

This is one of those poems that took off and wrote itself 😉

Sculpting En Plein Air

Drops began to drizzle
The day work began
His spirit began to frizzle
Under rainy clouds
Desire began to fizzle
He had lost the sizzle
Of sculpting his true love
She began to shiver
Could not hold the pose
He put down his chisel

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Feathered Friends

D”Verse Poets Pub – Does your dog wear a raincoat???
Lillian is tending bar with the animals today

Feathered Friends
people sit beneath this tree
watching you, watching me

spilling secrets from their hearts
not suspecting we are smart

enough to even comprehend
the bond between two special friends

so we just sit and until they leave
astounded they are so naive

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Party Girlie

d’Verse Poets Pub: Quadrille – balloon
De has us up in the air with balloons today


Party Girlie

I’m feeling rather bal(loony)
No one pulling my strings
No longer anchored by
Heavy thoughts
Floating along with whichever
Wind blows the sweetest
Bobbing through the day seemingly
Without direction or purpose
Looking for a party or some
Celebration where I can
Be me

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d’verse Poets Pub – Poetics : The River

Paul Dear is the guest bartender at the Pub tonight and he’s got things flowing with the prompt ‘The River’

I wrote a river of words
In rhyme, free verse, sonnet
Then I built a little boat
And sailed from one end
Of your heart to the other
Avoiding rapids of heartbeats
And ripples of emotions
Listening for the echo of love
And hear only silence

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Spring Snowstorm

d’Verse Poets Pub – Meet the Bar with impressionism
Bjorn has challenged us to write as an impressionist would paint.

Spring Snowstorm

heavy, wet
covers every bare branch
until just a hint of red maple buds
catch the sun’s rays
every shrub, a shapeless mound
the pale gray sky blends into the
featureless landscape where
the booted tracks of a child
create random patterns
of shadow across my yard