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Carpe Diem #1258 daily bread



bread crumbs
left behind
a mouse feasts

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Rainy Day

It’s rain(rein)(reign)ing in the Pub today


Rainy Day

it’s raining toads and frogs
and pink spotted hogs
I’m jumping in puddles
of pudding with sprinkles
when clouds of horses gallop
overhead and I grab the reins
and ride to the kingdom of
Bumbershoot where the Queen
of Wellies and the King of
Macintosh reign and
old men snore

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Praying for Rain

Praying for Rain

I pray for rain – a fervent
supplication for
heavy, driving rain to wash
away my tears
I pray for clouds to reign
in the sky – blotting out
all traces of the sparkling sun
a grayness covering the memory
of your smile
I pray for thunder that rumbles
rattling windows and shaking
my soul until it becomes numb
and I can trudge onward
I pray for winds to whip and toss
my sorrow into tatters – small
pieces that can be endured
one at a time
I pray for the calm that follows
a storm where my grief can
learn to live

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Free Love Poem

d’Verse Poets Pub -Quadrille #40 – free
Dee is asking for some “free” poems over at the Pub
Free Love Poem

this poem tries to speak freely
a little genteelly, but really
it wants to shout words that
do wheelies, leave tracks you
could follow, fee-falling head
over heelies, straight through
clouds of free(zing) crystal
sentences it gathers into lines
of (free) love for you

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Time Enough

Time Enough

We stroll through life
thinking we have enough time
to say all the things that
are in our hearts
do all the things that
are in our minds
pray all the prayers that
are in our souls

We rush through days
with our eyes closed
trying to do it all
worrying we aren’t strong
enough or smart enough
or rich enough but
always thinking we have
enough time

Until the day when that one
who was strong and smart
brave and kind is gone
then we know there is never
enough time