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d’Verse Poets Pub – Almost a Triolet

Frank has us flexing our poetic muscles by writing a Triolet

Join the fun at the Pub

I like the hush of twilight
When even birds are still
exiled is sun’s gypsy light
I like the hush of twilight
When day becomes contrite
And moon’s glow overspills
I like the hush of twilight
When even birds are still

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Upon Her Return

d’Verse Poets Pub -MTB: The Death Sentence
Here’s the challenge –
one sentence, improvised, end of civilization as we know it

give it a try over at

It had been only three weeks since she kissed
Him goodbye, escaping the gloomy skies
Of home for a dose of sunshine, (something
She craved in the middle of winter even though
He did not), but something had gone awry while
She soaked up those healing rays and he sulked
Under the gray clouds because as soon as she
Stepped into the house, before she could even kick
Off her shoes, he slumped off to take a nap, signaling
The end of the world as she knew it

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Deep Pockets

d’Verse Poets Pub – Quadrille #97 – Filling the Page
De is hosting in the Pub tonight and looking for us to fill our pages in just 44 words.
Play along at

I have deep pockets –
but don’t ask for a loan
or hand-out. My deep pockets
are in my favorite jacket, the
one I wear on walks along
railroad tracks and they are
filled with treasures –
bird feathers, bits of broken glass,
wild flower petals

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family tombstone

Carpe Diem’s Tan Renga Wednesday #11 family tombstone

check it out to join in

Here is the haiku to work with:

adding father’s name
to the family tombstone
with room for my own

© Nicholas Virgilio

And now it’s up to you to create a Tan Renga with this haiku by adding your two-lined stanza. Enjoy the challenge.

ancient secrets held in stone
silently wait to guard mine

©️Candace Kubinec

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Sleep Interrupted

Tuesday Poetics with Lillian –
what are your dreams made of?

Seven-year olds are wise in the way of dreams –
which shows to avoid too near bedtime
In order to dodge sketchy dreams.

Which ones could lead to full-blown nightmares.
Shows that feature mummies or yetis
are at the top of the list, along with anything that dies.

Only shows that make you laugh are allowed.
I should have heeded the warnings.

Check out the dreamers at

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Bowl Full of Happy

d’Verse Poets Pub – Quadrille #96: Wild Monday
Kim has us going wild today.

She never did sow wild oats.
She was more like oatmeal –
quiet, dependable, good for you.
But when he came along,
with his wild blueberries and
sweet sugar, it was the perfect
match – a recipe for a bowl full
of happily ever-after mornings.

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spirit(ual) animal

d’ Verse Poets Pub – Quadrille #93: Spirited Poems

spirit(ual) animal
there is something spiritual
about my cat – with golden eyes
that hold the wisdom of the ages,
and soft white coat –
she sits quietly on the window
alter, contemplating raindrops and
wind blown leaves, communing
with birds on the other side of
the glass.

Check it out at

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State of Emergency

d’Verse Poets Pub – Quadrille #91 – Keep

She stashed some peanut butter cups
and foil-wrapped kisses in her car seat –
leftovers from a night of trick-or-treating.
She is keeping them for an emergency, she told me.
I drop her at school, pull into traffic,
And feel a chocolate emergency coming on.

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An Unexpected Harvest

d’Verse Poets Pub – Polyptoton

Polyptoton is a rhetorical device used for style and persuasiveness. It is a special kind of repetition where the common base of a word is repeated, but not the whole word exactly.

One example of this is “I dreamed a dream.” Others would be “a song unsung” or “life worth living”.

An Unexpected Harvest

I seeded some seeds found in a bag

An unmarked bag left in a drawer

I seeded the seeds that surely must be

The Lupines from a friend

I seeded those seeds in freshly turned dirt

Rich, humusy dirt from my compost

I seeded brown seeds in a curvy row

Behind the Shasta Daisies

I seeded many seeds then patiently waited

For the spectacle of purple

I seeded unknown seeds expecting flowers

Instead, I got a lovely row of beets

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