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The Physics of Stardust

Physics with Björn: Particle-wave dualism and the photoelectric effect
We’re having a Physics lesson in the Garden and over at NaPoWriMo we’re writing about things that happen over and over again. This poem is a triple play because it fits in the prompt at Poetic Asides too.  Whoo hoo!!!

The Physics of Stardust

Star dust particles are
Waving at me
Bouncing through space
At incredible lengths
Forcing me to look up
Make a wish, find the energy
To tell my secrets to a spinning
Universe as if it doesn’t matter

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Penultimate Visit

We’ve almost made it! It’s the penultimate prompt in the Garden

Penultimate Visit
If I had known tomorrow
You would be gone
I might have sat beside
Your bed a little longer
Told you all the things I
Love about you
Remembered stories from
Our childhood – the times
We giggled until our bellies
Hurt – the times we cried over
Lost pets
I would have asked you all the
Questions I had saved for
Another time
If I had known this day would
Spill over into your last
I would not have hurried home
To read a book and drink a cup
Of tea

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Bye Bye Guy

There’s a Boogeyman in the Garden today – eeek!

Bye Bye Guy

You’d better boogey (on down
the road) man
Crawl out from under the
Bed and boog-a-loo, bugaboo
Make yourself scarce – crow
And fly back to your hidey-hole
So long Bubba yaga(tta)
Skedattle ’cause this gal
Has some dreamin’ to do

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Shoe Blues

Writing Shoes – putting on some ‘shoes’ for a walk in the Garden today

Shoe Blues

My walking shoes took off on some urgent journey
Without leaving a track to follow back
And my sneakers are tip-toeing around the house
Tied up in knots
Loafers are on the couch binge watching Footloose
Didn’t even bring a penny
Slippers keep sliding down the hall
Trying to get to the bedroom
Kitten heels are chasing duck boots through the garden
Startling my muck shoes, hiding under the clogged jellies
And while my shoes are pairing up for life
I’m sitting here, barefoot, just writing a poem

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Outsider Poet

Outsider Art – in the Garden

outside(r) poet

i wrote outside today
so letters could bask in the warm sun
before being marched one by one
into sentences
so vowels could jump up and down
in mud puddles (sometimes y too)
so consonants could recline
under a shady tree and maybe catch some
journal pages waved to each other
as a breeze passed by
and pencils rolled dizzily in the grass
then when clouds made it hard to see
i gathered everyone into my arms and
put them into a cozy poem

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FASHION ME YOUR WORDS ~ The way you see it

We’re taking a second look at favorite poems in the Garden
I love Billy Collins and his poem Forgetfulness is one of many that I read over and over again


I don’t worry about forgetting names or dates
I have calendar squares filled with them
wars and generals will not clutter my mind
and maps hold the place of cities, towns, countries
love poems reside in books where I can visit
anytime I feel the need to swoon
recipes, phone numbers, passwords
all written down on paper and flushed
out of my brain – they take up too much room
space that I need for the important things
the sound of your voice,
the feel of your hand in mine,
the way your eyes smile at me

the beat of your heart when we kiss