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A Conversation With My Aged Pussy Willow

The Poem as a One-Sided Conversation

We’re talking to ourselves in the Garden

A Conversation With My Aged Pussy Willow

Hang in there old friend
You’ve been my herald of spring
For four decades making me
Smile when your fuzzy little
Catkins appear – a sign that
Winter will soon be gone
Hang in there old friend
I’ll do my part to keep you
Healthy, pruned, pest free
I’ll spread compost around your
Trunk to keep you fed and when
Summer droughts arrive I will
Quench your thirst
You were my first shrub, planted
With loving hands in the
Corner of our yard
Together we have watched the
seasons change
Hang in there old friend



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Another Cloudy Day in Western PA

Poetic Asides – Wednesday Poetry Prompt
‘Another ___________’


Another Cloudy Day in Western PA

I have learned to love the clouds
Light gray, dark gray
Wispy, ominous
Sometimes a wooly
Blanket covering the sky
I love them when they line up,
Like children waiting for
Recess, pushing and shoving
One another
One day they might rush by in a hurry to
Get to the next town or else they’ll
Just hang around for a while
Waiting for the wind to
Push them along
To soak up secrets from
Another admirer in a far off land
There is beauty in their forms
And shapes, their subtle shading,
The way they blush pink in the
Evening because they’ve hidden the
Sun all day
I have learned to love the clouds
Look up as they pass
And wish them well

Imaginary Garden With Real Toads – Tuesday Platform



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Power of Words

Weekend Mini-Challenge: Art with Me
We’re writing about words in the Garden  this weekend


Power of Words


These words can be super heroes
Throwing you a lifeline
When you are drowning
Talking you down off that ledge

Picking you up when you’re
Too tired to go on –
Or maybe villains
Laughing at your sorrow

Tripping you in the dark
Stalking you when you try to run
They can be a warm companion on a cold day
Curled up beside you

Snuggled under an afghan
Sharing a cup of tea –
Or maybe your worst nightmare
Chasing you through your dreams

Until you scream out loud
These words can bring healing
Like a hug from a friend or
A day in the sunshine

These words have powers
Handle with care


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Extraordinary Birthday

Get Listed: Landslide Month

Reflecting on celebrations and milestones in the Garden

Also posted at d’Verse  poets for Open Link Night

Extraordinary Birthday

I sit here, feet up,
With a cup of tea
Just reflecting on the
Little things that become special
Little things like a wolf puppet
Who came to life two years ago
When a rebellious three year-old
Refused to take her vitamins
And the wolf (who shall be
Named Wolfie Scalliwag) spoke
Up and said, “ I don’t think you are
Behaving.” And that sweet child paused,
Then readily took those vitamins
Every year we celebrate that day –
Wolfie’s birthday
And I wonder, as the years unfold,
How many birthdays we’ll celebrate
Until the child is no longer charmed
By Wolfie Scalliwag – wolf puppet


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Sunday Football Fans

Fussy Little Forms: Chained Rhyme

We’re linking some rhymes in the Garden

Sunday Football Fans

Ardent fan with painted face
Trace of human coloring gone
Drawn instead in greens and blues
Hues unnatural and strange
Exchange taunts with those who cheer
Sincere(ly) for the other team
Scream as if his life will end
Offend some other sitting near
Atmosphere becomes more tense
Defense makes a crucial play
They forget the slight and hug
Chug a celebration beer
Spear the air with upraised hands
Stand together shout and sing
Cling to hopes of victory


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Early Morning Snapshot

Early Morning Snapshot

There was just a slight film
Of ice on the birdbath
Evidence of exposure to
A cold snap overnight
From the fog covered window
of my dark room I wipe a
small aperture from which
to view the depth of the field
beyond the fence
as I watch a cardinal bursts from
the bare branches of an
old oak tree in a flash of red

Tweetspeak Poetry prompt – use vocabulay from an occupation

I chose photography

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