The Lion’s Tooth


The Lion’s Tooth

Fierce and brave you
Prowl through my yard
Your yellow mane a happy
Harbinger of Spring
Your young toothed leaves harvested
By the old folks next door
And cooked for lunch
A peasant meal now embraced
By health enthusiasts
Have you, dear dandelion,
Long reviled by men
Pushing lawn mowers,
Become the new Kale
Showing up at Farmer’s Markets
And grocery stores?




6 thoughts on “The Lion’s Tooth

  1. Don’t forget the dandelion wine. I love the idea of the dandelion becoming “the new kale” Clever write – I like it 🙂


  2. One of my favourite plants, actually, and I understand the bees love them too and we should all leave them growing. When I was only a little girl, my Dad (who also loved them) explained to me the French meaning of the name, which enchanted me. Cn you imagine how much I love your poem?!


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